Crop Insurance

Farms are unique businesses and as such require specialised insurance covers. Crop insurance policies come with many different options, as one size certainly does not fit all and are designed to protect one of the essential assets of a farming business.

At MGA, we understand that different crops require insurance tailored to your particular requirements. As such, our crop insurance can be applied to a variety of farms, including:

Broadacre crops

Farms that produce grain, hay and straw on a large scale are particularly vulnerable to risk. Due to the extended growing season on broadacre farms, substantive damage can be caused by natural hazards such as fire, hail, overspray by a neighbour or contractor or crop damage caused by livestock, for example.


Similarly, forestry requires protection due to the financial repercussions of damage. Naturally caused damage by fire, hail and wind is difficult to protect against with risk management, therefore access to specialised crop insurance can ensure you receive financial compensation.

Horticulture /Viticulture

Damage caused to produce in the horticulture industry can significantly impact a business and in some cases wipe out an entire growing cycle causing extreme hardship.

 Vineyards are also vulnerable in the same manner due to the extreme weather conditions such as hail or frost that can occur during the growing season

What crop insurance is offered through MGA Insurance Brokers?

MGA has experience in the rural sector and understand that farms have varying needs. As such, the covers available can be altered to suit your requirements, including:

  • Broadacre crops
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Orchard crops
  • Viticulture


We also have access to multi-peril crop insurance covers, which allow farmers to protect their financial position if events such as drought, fire, hail, frost (for example) cause you to achieve a downturn in the yield.

How do I get a quote and get covered?

The process enables your MGA Insurance Broker to firstly gain an understanding of your crop insurance requirements. One of our experienced representatives will either meet with you or discuss your requirements on the phone and explain what options are available to you.

At this initial contact we will complete a crop declaration form to enable us to provide details to the insurers and in turn provide an estimated quote for the cover.

Once cover has been bound and as the season progresses, we will send out a final declaration form, requesting any final alterations to your crop yields and price per ton. It is these final estimates that will be used to calculate your premium.

If at any stage during this process you need to change a component of your policy, or your situation differs, all you need to do is pick up the phone. At MGA, we understand the importance of flexibility and are happy to take the required action to ensure that your crops remain comprehensively covered.

Why should you use MGA brokers?

Our team has vast experience in the rural insurance sector, as well as access to the insurance policies that can create the right options for your farm. We have been specialising in the rural sector for 40 years, so you know we understand how farms operate and what the particular needs for different crops are.

MGA brokers have a widespread presence across Australia, with 39 urban and rural locations. Ensuring you always get the local service you deserve, coupled with the strength of a national presence.

With a focus on getting claims paid you can be sure your MGA broker will stand by your side throughout the claims process to help keep your farm running smoothly. We also offer comprehensive forms of farm policy coverage through a provider exclusively to MGA.


If you would like more information or would like to obtain a quotation, contact your local MGA broker with any queries.