Portfolio Management Partnerships

MGA Insurance Brokers is amongst the largest (branded) Insurance Broking networks. Our partnership arrangement has all the benefits of running your own business with both back-end and front-end support.

Some of these included benefits are outlined as follows:

  • Access  to unique products including farm, retail and professional products.
  • Processing Area and Workflow Tools (second to none)
  • Full computer licensing, MS Office, full access, support and upgrades
  • Networked Fast Connections
  • I P phones
  • Advertising (TV, Radio for regional areas and magazine printing in regional airlines)
  • Lead Generation initiatives.
  • Assistance with specific scheme requirements and advertising and sponsorships
  • Document management and front office efficiency strategies.

MGA has both a national and regional advertising campaign which runs throughout Australia on Imparja Television and also in certain selected regions. For specific marketing, these costs are generally shared which works hand in hand with national advertising and brand awareness.

Back office support compliments aspects of front end marketing and branding. This combined with a strong product range and market connections allows for easier maintenance of existing business and growth within your portfolio.

Our systems encapsulates management, processing, rating, and work flow management - all important tools required for active Insurance Brokers to maintain business and grow business. Our systems are designed by our people and built by experts and development is ongoing.  

We will be very happy to discuss this further and go though a demonstration.

I felt comfortable from our first meeting and knew we could work well together, with the knowledge that we also had the strong support of the MGA network.

- Todd Redman -
MGA - Sunshine Coast

The SmartBroker system is very flexible and provides easy access to many innovative solutions for our daily routines.

- Chris Noonan -
MGA - Port Pirie

The MGA model has proven to be an ideal long-term succession solution for me, as it identifies the management rights as an asset and allows me to properly hand over to a new stakeholder in the business.

- Ross Winks -
MGA - Sunshine Coast