Chris Noonan

Chris Noonan

I am the manager of the MGA Port Pirie office, which is located in the Mid-North of South Australia.

Our office was the first branch to commence working with the MGA Centralised Processing System (CPU), utilising the SmartBroker platform, in early 2000. There were some challenges initially but over time and with regular refinements, the benefits of a managed processing system were soon evident. It has provided our office with a standard operating environment, removing the need for additional staff training.

The SmartBroker system is very flexible and provides easy access to many innovative solutions for our daily routines.

The processors in the CPU division provide the backbone to the system. Most processors were previously MGA Broker Assistants, so they are professional, accurate and consistent. Our processing work is often done overnight so that when we come into the office in the morning, several transactions will be printed. The saving of resources is clear.

CPU has worked very well for us and we have no intention of going back to the old method of on-site processing. This is the heart of our system in the office and it gives us the flexibility and time to maintain and grow our business