Pet Industry Insurance

When you work in the pet industry, your clients entrust their precious furry pals into your care. You must do everything you can to give your clients the peace-of-mind that their pets are in safe hands. But are you barking up the wrong insurance tree? A large portion of pet industry businesses are underinsured, and if you have only general insurance, or none at all, you could be exposing your business to undue risk.

Say, for instance, you are a pet walker, and a dog you are exercising breaks its lead and runs out in front of a car. You'd be liable for any damage to the vehicle or property, as well as potentially expensive vet bills for the dog. Do you have the insurance necessary to manage the expense? Obtaining a tailored pet industry insurance scheme is your best bet for protecting your business and the animals in your legal and physical control. In this way, you and the pet owners you work with can be confident you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Take the lead from the pet industry specialists

The pet industry presents a unique set of risks and requirements, so it's important to get your insurance from a source that understands the specific challenges you face. The specialist brokers at MGA work with pet industry businesses on a daily basis and are experienced at assessing the risk landscape of all kinds of companies. Some of the pet businesses that can get cover include:

  • Pet minders and sitters
  • Kennels and catteries
  • Pet shops
  • Suppliers and retailers
  • Pet groomers (both at home and mobile)
  • Trainers and animal behaviourists
  • Pet walkers
  • Breeders.

Working with a broker means you can get the cover you need, without any unnecessary extras. Your broker will perform a thorough risk assessment, taking into account whether you are a small part-time pet minder or a multi-franchise retailer and tailoring a package that's right for you.

Depending on your circumstances, MGA can offer animals in transit insurance to protect you when transporting pets, car insurance, cover for your tools of trade, personal accident insurance and much more.

Public liability insurance is particularly important in the unpredictable conditions of working with animals, as it will cover you if you are negligent and an accident occurs. It's just like an electrician making a mistake when wiring a home - accidents happen and you can't control all factors, but you can regain some control if you are ready to respond

You look after pets, we look after you

Specialist broker Ken Barker and his Adelaide-based team supply the specialist pet industry insurance for MGA. They are one of the leading providers in the country and are subject to the Pet Industry Association member code of ethics.

Time is of the essence when you need to make a claim, which is why MGA brokers act quickly to address the situation and guide you through the process from start to finish. Your broker is your advocate in the insurance world, and when you insure with MGA you can be confident that you will get fast, straightforward advice when you need it most. You also have access to competitive rates and an option to pay monthly at no extra cost, so you can get the cover you need no matter what your circumstances.

Example: Public Liability From $350 (single operator) and Monthly Payments (no extra costs).

If you'd like to know more about pet industry insurance, get a barker to get a quote. Contact Ken and his team on 1800 06 69 00, or enquire at to find out more about protecting your pet business.







Public Liability for Pet Minders / Walkers / Sitters / Groomers / Trainers

Public & Products Liability Includes Pets in Care, Custody, Control $100,000

$5  Million $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350
$10 Million $420 $420 $420 $420 $420 $420 $350 $420
$20 Million $490 $490 $490 $490 $490 $490 $490 $490

Includes 2 People Working in the Business (Additional People $120 Per Person) Excess $500

*$5 Million premium is applicable to 1 person involved in the business only


Retail Pet Shops / Groomers / Boarding Kennels

Business Pack Policy (example)

Property Cover $100,000
Loss Of Profits $100,000
Theft $10,000
Public Liability $10 Million
Animals in Transit $5,000 Total $1,200 Yearly



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