3 Ways to Minimise Cash Flow Problems in Your SME

Surviving as an SME in a competitive business landscape is never easy. A mere half (51 per cent) of businesses are still running four years after opening their doors, according to McCrindle Research. Further to this, ASIC figures show 46 per cent of insolvencies in Australia are due to cash flow issues or high cash [...]

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What is Blockchain and How is it Used in Australian Farming?

Blockchain is a term that might not currently mean a lot to farmers in Australia, but the technology could be about to revolutionise the transactions that drive agricultural trade. Most people are aware of Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency that acts a medium of exchange outside the traditional banking system. Blockchain is the technology that underpins [...]

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Things You Need To Know About Business Interruption Cover

Business interruption insurance is crucial for protecting your business against unforeseen events that could prevent you from operating as usual and affecting your cash flow. Finding the right business interruption insurance policy to fit your specific needs is important, so let’s run through the various factors you should consider when seeking cover through your business insurance broker. [...]

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Farm Management Liability – Why Do I Need It?

Cover for managing their agricultural businesses is not the usually the first thing on the minds of many Australians farmers. Most are too busy running their day-to-day operations, or worried about insuring for loss or damage to their produce and livestock. However, MGA Insurance broker David Guidera asserts the importance of protecting your business in [...]

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Business confidence and conditions surge in Australia

Earlier this year, we asked readers whether Australian SMEs were facing a period of uncertainty. In the wake of a disappointing Federal Budget for many firms and news that late payments were on the rise, it's easy to see why some business owners may have predicted doom and gloom on the horizon. However, new [...]

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Are cyber security class action lawsuits on the horizon?

Australian businesses are about to enter a new era of cyber security accountability, with new mandatory data breach legislation set to come into force by February 2018. However, the changes could see a surge in cyber-based class action lawsuits – a trend that is already taking place in the US. Class actions are where a [...]

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